Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Fifteen Candles: 15 Tales of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles and other Quinceañera Stories."

I'm really excited about Adriana Lopez's new book "Fifteen Candles: 15 Tales of Taffeta, Hairspray, Drunk Uncles and other Quinceanera

I'd love to get a book-club discussion going from people who've read it. I am halfway through it myself and look forward to hearing what everyone else thinks.

There's so much attention being paid to Quinceaneras these days which is great...articles, a movie last Summer, and great books like this.

Contributors were handpicked by Lopez from a series of stories
submitted by men and women and then divided into sections dealing with the many aspects surrounding the
Quinceanera experience - "The Romantics," "Queens for a Day," "The Party Crashers," "Reluctant Damas and Chambelánes" and "The Dreamers

Billboard Latin music bureau chief Leila Cobo-Hanlon relives her
Quinceanera and her harrowing quest for the perfect green party dress.
Malín Alegría-Ramírez shares the time she attended a friend's
Quinceanera despite being on the verge of collapse.

"We were trying hard to capture different generations and
backgrounds," Lopez says. "We were kind of having fun with it, to show
how it can be wonderful and scary all at the same time at these kind
of parties. It is interesting to see how much they differ or are
similar whether they be Mexican-American, a Dominican party in
Washington Heights or a
Quinceanera in Bogota, Colombia, held during the rise of the cartels."

I look forward to hearing your comments on the book.

All the best!!!


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