Monday, July 16, 2007

Audrey's "Haute Couture" Quince

Meet Audrey Reyes. The little, Cuban princess who drives her mom crazy. Audrey’s crying in the picture because her mother gave her a $67,000 convertable Lexus before her party instead of after like Audrey wanted. When Audrey’s not choking on her snot, she does have an appreciative side. She totally feels so lucky to live in Miami because her hobbies include going tanning and going to the beach. Audrey had her Quinceanera, or quince as Audrey and her mom call it, featured on My Super Sweet 16. Point of interest: Wikipedia says using the term “quince” for Quinceanera began with the lower classes of Cuba. I, for one, am happy that MTV chose to show the world that not all Latin people are poor, ignorant burdens on society. Some of us are nouveau riche, ignorant burdens on society. All we want is for you to see we’re like everybody else, America.
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Theme: Haute Couture
  • Gift: Lexus SC430 & Infiniti
  • Performer: Los Primeros
  • Attire: Venetian style gowns, tuxes, and masks
Audrey starts to prepare for her Quince by giving out invitations and hiring a band. When her custom-made dresses arrive Audrey hates them and fights with her mom over getting new ones.

Audrey is overly critical of her royal court during their dress fittings. And Audrey clashes with her mother some more when they go shopping for Audrey's first car. On Audrey's birthday her mom surprises her with a brand new Lexus convertible but Audrey loses it and calls off the party because she wanted to get the car at her party.

Audrey has a few more meltdowns when things don't go exactly her way but she makes it to her quince and has the haute couture party she has always wanted.

The Audrey episode contains the usual extravagant party-planning scene, (Haute Couture themed), invitation list-writing scene, (“She’s ugly. Her gums show. She’s not invited.”) And our personal favorite feature: the male
dancer audition scene. (“When I call your name, take your shirt off and dance for us.”) But what’s most remarkable to us is how such a nasty little girl is tolerated by everyone around her, presumably for her parent’s money. But they can’t be THAT generous. On the day of her court’s dress fittings, she tells one girl that she needs to lose some pounds and another to get some work done on her back fat. Of course this sends the poor thing off in tears to which Audrey replies, “I really don’t care.” In the words of one of Audrey’s best friends.

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