Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stephanie's "Venetian Masquerade" Quinceanera

You know the popularity of Quinceanera has reached a new level when they are being featured on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16." Check out Stephanie Lopez's Quince. Here's the wrap up:
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Theme: Venetian masquerade
  • Gift: Six Week study abroad in france
  • Performer: Little people
  • Attire: Venetian style gowns, tuxes, and masks
Stephanie is the ultimate perfectionist and everything in her life has to be EXACTLY how she wants it -- including her Quinceanera Dawning her $50,000 crown ornate Versace tiara made of 18k gold, diamonds, sapphires, and antique pearls, Stephanie proclaims herself the medieval queen of Miami with a "Hells yeah." Stephanie's thirst for having power is apparent when she says to her mother who bought the expensive Versace crown, "This is my Quince and you're just paying for it."

In traditional Quinceaneara fashion, Stephanie has a thirty-person court (15 girls and 15 boys) who will wear Venetian-style formal wear, specially ordered powdered wigs and custom-made dresses while they perform ballroom dances. In her backyard, Stephanie lists the strict rehearsal rules for her court dancers and warns, "If you wanna live, be there."

Next Stephanie and friends gather on her bed where they flip through the pages of a yearbook and discuss who's not invited like girls with pasty hair and big hoop earrings. Stephanie makes it clear that "no skanks are invited." Later, Stephanie has a professional video shoot on a white horse that she outfits to look like a unicorn. This footage will be played at her bash to create a mystical atmosphere.

Handing out invitations is Stephanie's next task, and she does it big. Stephanie arrives on a gondola through the lake to her backyard and walks on a red carpet to meet excited guests hoping to receive party invitations. During a family talk, Stephanie lets her parents know that she wants to go to school in England for a semester. Her parents worry that she's not mature enough. Stephanie fears that she won't get to go, but she's determined to push until she gets her way.

On the day of her Quince, Stephanie worries because she wants her party to be perfect, but her court performers are not yet organized and ready. "This is a total nightmare," she complains.

The nightmare doesn't last long. Although she's so stressed that her head hurts, Stephanie organizes her performers and yells out directions to them such as, "Get in your mother (blanking) lines." Woo. Stephanie says loves her court, but recognizes that she's "acting like a dictator."

The moment Stephanie has waited for arrives. She enters the party in her gown, escorted to the dance floor by her father where she dances with her court. Stephanie's guests are amused by the little person strip tease dancer. To top the party off, Stephanie's parents give her the gift that she wants: a card announcing that she's going to school in France. Stephanie's party guests are envious that she's going to France. The party costs around $300,000 total. An elated Stephanie dances and sings, "I'm going to France, bit**es!"

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