Thursday, July 5, 2007

What's New? Quinceanera Video Invitations

One of the hottest trends in Quinceanera videos starts long before the first "felicitaciones!" Video invitations are rapidly becoming all the rage. In lieu of a traditional paper invitation, guests receive a DVD in the mail which features a preview of the party -- often a photo slideshow of the Quince girl as she grows from babyhood to age 15, or a concept video (see more on those below) that hints at the theme of the party. The DVDs then give all the pertinent party information. In many cases, if you instruct guests to pop them in their computers, after the video plays, the DVD can actually display a link to a party website (great because you can update info on the site as needed!). Other options include a PDF document that guests can print out in case they want to hang on to the party info. In addition to using filmed footage for invitations, you can use videography to create a concept video for your daughter's Quinceanera. After guests are seated for the party, a screen (or screens) can emerge with a video that introduces the Quinceanera girl (and often her court) into the room. Themes can be a red-carpet Academy Awards arrival or a spoof on MTV's My Super Sweet 16. Though sometimes these are video slideshows that end with a formal introduction, many times concept videos are produced and shot beforehand with the full participation of the Quinceanera girl, family, and her court. Added benefits: Not only are these videos a great keepsake, but also because your daughter and others will be working with the videographer before the party, they'll be more comfortable with him at the party (a big plus if you're worried your girl might be a little camera shy).


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